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HTC Phones Evolution 2002-2020

All HTC Phones Evolution / History 2002-2020. Differences through the years from HTC Canary, HTC Feeler, HTC Tornado, HTC S310, HTC S630, HTC Desire Z, HTC Legend, HTC Smart, HTC Chacha, HTC Sensation, HTC Raider, HTC One, HTC Desire 12, HTC U19E, HTC Exodus, HTC Desire 19, HTC Wildfire R70 and more.

All Motorola Phones Evolution 1984-2020

Samsung Galaxy A Series Evolution 2014-2020

All Samsung Phones Evolution 1988-2020

Samsung Galaxy J Series Evolution 2013-2018

All Sony Ericsson Phones Evolution 2001-2012

Xiaomi MI Series Evolution 2020

Vivo V Series Smartphones Evolution 2015-2019

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Nadeera Aaliya : My phone htc 530good working. Now iam yousing this phone
B Cab : Dream Was The First Android phone
[RV] Weirdo : The HTC 10 will always have a special place in my heart i loved this phone it was such a great deal.
هاجس الأحزان : My htc m8
vishwanath acharya : I'M great fan of HTC. My first Android was HTC desire 516, next was Desire816G Now I have U-play, the display screen is completely shattered. Once it fell off from my pocket on a heavy traffic street and I realized it only after half an hour and later it fell off my hands from my window to the ground from my third floor flat. It's still working fine, now waiting for the launch of Desire 20 Pro.
Loved HTC for the past 6 year's wouldn't want to try another brand.
LedDik : O had HTC evo 3D
SAJAD Iraqi : مشاء الله رووووووعه احب شركه htc
Siica Oballe : Best phone ever!
I had a HTC M9 and it was amazing phone better than iPhone.
Chaos Comix : Where is HTC Desire C
влад высоцкий : My first android phone is HTC Wildfire S, after HTC ONE (M7)

HTC Desire 20 Pro

HTC Desire 20 Pro features 5 pro-level camera lenses and a 6.5" large display. Do more and for longer with a big 5,000mAh battery.

Available for purchase now:
etc show : What going on htc not good mobile
MOHIT KUMAR : Expected launch date in India
MOHIT KUMAR : Will it come in India or not
muzaffar ahmed : but the camera its not bad.
muzaffar ahmed : this phone is shit
the phone does not look cool have you see the notes 20 new
and htc make a cool one as Samsung and apple oppo anything just make it cool
ok by yo.
professor X : شازە
DrPerry007 : It’s been 2 months.... is there a US release date or are we wasting our time at this point?
Jase dogz : I really liked the HTC One body. They really should of done something similar with the design of it.
6T2G : i miss HTC
like i don't give a shit about samsung or apple

this is the best phone!!
dark side : Samsung is the best in world ❤

HTC 5G HUB | World’s first 5G smart hub for home, business and in between.

Harness 5G speeds with the HTC 5G Hub. Designed for ease of use in home and office environments, this versatile device enables smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming, and faster networks.
akashneel bhattacharya : i want it now!!!!!
Hormees William Mathews : HTC
JoshMacProGamer989 : I mean YEET Old...
JoshMacProGamer989 : IT is very old:(
JoshMacProGamer989 : I have the HTC m9.
kn shobhin : Hey were are you guys come back
kn shobhin : Plz do good marketing eith your products in India
蔡秉展 : I suggest htc fire the whole trailer design team and find new ones. What the heck, really. Need to have some significant change to get back to the game, htc. Come on.
meysam : I love you ❤️
Armada Pejuang : Htc phone should have amoled hdr and camera as good as competition while maintaining good audio performace




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