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2020 Jaguar XF: Is The New XF Worth Over $60,000???

Today I drive and review a 2020 Jaguar XF!

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teeni baby : Car looks cheap to me
A Smith : "Jagwire." WTF man
Double H H : At least Italy Fiat FCA and China Geely Volvo updates it’s cars looks, features and interiors regularly. It’s almost as if India Tata Jaguar prefers to stand on ceremony and cheapness for a wee bit more for every car model than their competitors.
NEEL -Uronchondi : They need to really focus on their interior !! At the price point i would say it’s over price !
Paul Intile : How did I know he was going to say "Jagwire"?...
Ali Ahsan : Just bought a new 2019 XF Prestige about a month ago. Wasn’t looking for a Jag, but dealer’s persistence plus an incredible deal swung me over. Coming from a long line of BMWs, it took some getting used to but it is starting to grow on me. It is overpriced at $60k+ (for the options offered) and def needs to step up its game on the next refresh/ redesign.
Great video, lots of useful info.
ntulume william : Nice work been. Am William from Uganda, really liked the GMC Sierra 1500
Ben Chesterman : blame union leaders and government greed in Europe it expensive , in Australia it $90000
Dominique Motley : Please tell me the XJ is the next review??
mac daddy : I am a Jag fan bu tthere is just no compelling reason to buy this car. It looks like every other plastic piece of crap on the road today.

2017 Jaguar XF - Review and Road Test

Just as the luster was wearing off the previous generation, the second-generation Jaguar XF comes along and dramatically improves everything we liked about the old car, fixes what needed fixing, and even offers up a few surprises.

For the latest Jaguar XF pricing and information:

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g4kfjve7kfj : COU PA not COUPE
Pawel Ponichtera : Just waiting get one.
Engin Çağlar : Would you recommend for taxi business? Mostly in town business
Ari Collado : Awful car, i hate this car interior and exterior you can feel cheap stuff all over the car.
E class so much better tbh
Dreamy : I miss this guy.
Aaron ___ : The interior is becoming too german! 3:52 move your foot more!
CanAmRydr : safest choice? Momma didn't raise no Bi***, I take risk every day son
Erik in Minnesota : Yea I like my 2010 model better. The overall look was more British. And the interior build quality looks better. The new model is quite nice though. The all black dash is easy on the eyes
Spikey : Who the hell was that "British" guy. cringed like hell seeing him
Stefan Palicki : i saw a 2016 on autotrader for 41k cad



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Spooky V8 : Put your hand down while your driving lol
NeekBcoolin : Idk about a RT beating it..good video though... u need to drive a XFR with the supercharged V8 and tell me what you think
Carl Von Sirls : You put it in dynamic mode, but you didn't put the gear in the sport mode. It kills after you shift it into the S mode. The S mode, press the break, and press the gear lever down, then turn the knob to S mode, then the initial pickup is a lot faster. Throws you back in the seat.
Anthony car reviews : hemilife44 do a review on the 2020 Kia stinger gt2
Jmoneylife 24 : Review a rolls Royce
Fendiii-bandz : this man talm bout lil corollaaaa i’m tweakin
Chakeez Lovee : So do You think this car will beat yo scat brutha?
Black Pit Viper : It a 3.0 v6 supercharged
Black Pit Viper : need to do the f-pace svr
O'Daya Chapman : Man u shudve seen ur own face when u hit dat thang and grabbed dat wheelYessuh✊✊✊✊




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