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Nike Adapt Auto Max Review! Auto Lacing Shoes!


Is the Adapt Auto Max worth $400??

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Erasenoobs : When will more sizes come out
Gus Williams : I never use the buttons. I always use the app. 65/70 is my ideal tightness
Gus Williams : Those new ones that are coming in August..... must cop
Ninja 3939 : It's very interesting! I'm also posting it so I want you to see it
Michigan fan : There the new back to the future shoes
Dave : Thank you for the review. Now I know I’m not missing anything special.
Wout Lammertink : I got air max 95,s in size 12, it fits great but their is a fair amount of space left. The adapt its not available anymorein size12 but size 11 and a half is. Does this fit do you think?(the 11,5)
Just Simba : i bought mine and they’re supposed to be here tomorrow
Moboots Gaming : Now make em high cut af and il run to the store and get one and paint it in space grey colors
Chip and Donno : My favorite color way by far. Too bad it’s so expensive.

Nike Adapt Auto Max - Futuristic Self Lacing Sneakers

The Nike Adapt Auto Max self lacing sneakers are the most futuristic shoes on the planet. This is the first Nike Adapt Auto Max unboxing.
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#NikeAdapt #ASneakerLife
Michael Hillman : Seeing you this excited is dope asf bro! Papa Mike with the knowledge and dope vid
M D : Hi! If someone are interested to buy a new pair let me know! Size 44EU. Never used. Only test it home. Price 2500$ or highest bid.
Mike Paul : I remember my first pair of self lacing
Jeazy_24 : Thats so cool man!
Mike : These are fire self lacing or not
Jay A. : The self-lacing sick, but I honestly love the silhouette of it.
Carlos Ponce : You like like The Weeknd
Yucci : Everybody gangster till they start running on their own
Julz Don Agyy : Dope af

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KNIJN : Wat vinden jullie van de auto's in Fortnite?
Cyril Jeee : Leuk
Cyril Jeee : Kampioene je
Politie Boef : Leuk
Cludgy Gamer 2 : Ja moet tanken bij een tank station of pak een jerrycan
Sofie Noorman : Epic:fjn2010
Marco van Eck : XXL_Marcere
Mathias Moons : Heb geabonneerd
Epic: Philekke1605
Lars Pons : Joyraider
ElColoraArabians Belgium : Ja een ton


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