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Sheffield City Tour | The University of Sheffield

Student #vlogger Paula takes you around all the best spots in the city of #Sheffield

Division Street: 0:44
Meadowhall: 1:48
Coffee shops: 1:57
Sharrowvale: 2:10
Ecclesall Road: 2:42
Botanical Gardens: 2:58
London Road: 3:14
Moor Market: 3:27
Theatre Deli: 3:54
Cinemas: 4:09
Theatres: 4:45
Kelham Island: 5:12
Peddler Market: 6:17
Music: 6:55
City views: 7:14

Yatha Sharma : Sheffield was home ? I miss it now ?
HotClubDeParis : Sheffield has changed so much since I graduated 8 years ago! Or maybe this video has just done a really good job! It's making me want to move back.
JIN HYUN HAM : Lovely Sheffield
SMALK : I’m here just for Alex Turner
Silviu T : I wanna live here again..
Yousef Alnajim : Really good video.. actually the best city tour video I’ve seen. Love this City.
Kevin Harrison : Have lived in Sheffield 60 some years plus. The surrounding countryside is epic. A few nice country pubs scattered around too. There is an awesome view from the old horns,(High Bradfield village).
Kelvin Klopper : I have never seen architecture more gorgeous than 5:00
Shaney P : A friend just moved to Sheffield, now I'm jealous ?
Ohood Alqr : This girl is so sweeeeettt

Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield United | Extended Premier League highlights

Ten minutes of action footage from United's away defeat at Old Trafford.

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TWITTER:: @SheffieldUnited
FACEBOOK: @SheffieldUnited
INSTAGRAM: @SheffieldUnited
Diego Salgado : Ojalá el Man Unitec hiciera estos higlight extendidos en su canal
Husband Bear : Wise to add attendance noise...
Kim Furuwal : Obi-Wan Bissaka are you here?
Hidayat Noor : naisuuu
Wixter Sabalw : R9.... MASIYAW MANU
T Chowdhury : So also added fake crowd sounds?!
Ciaran James : Ndidi and sancho and were champs
moses abel andrew : ?
Lucius Christ : Someone please tell me,is the crowd noise fake.if it is then wtf.
*WWW_5005_GA * : good commentator




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