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Compatible Brother TN3290 Black Toner

Compatible Brother TN3290 Black Toner

Genuine Brother TN3290 Black Toner

Genuine Brother TN3290 Black Toner

Brother TN 650 TN3280 HL 5340: Refill Toner Cartridge

How to remanufacture the toner cartridge for Brother HL-5340D, HL-5350DN, HL-5350DNLT, HL-5370DW, HL-5370DWT, HL-5380DN, DCP-8080DN, DCP-8085DN, MFC-8480DN, MFC-8880DN, MFC-8890DW TN620, TN650, TN3230, TN3280, TN3250, TN3290. Instructions for resetting the toner page counter.

Required tools and supplies:
Isopropyl alcohol
If you can use compressed air it's better

There are 2 types of toner cartridges for these printers:
- Low capacity, rated for 3,000 pages at 5% (TN620 USA, TN3230 Europe, TN3250 Asia)
- High capacity, rated for 8,000 pages at 5%.(TN650 USA, TN3280 Europe, TN3290 Asia)
The drum unit (DR620 USA, DR3200 Europe, DR3215 Asia) is rated for 25,000 pages.
Each toner cartridge has a reset gear that resets the page counter of the printer each time a new toner cartridge is installed.
A new printer is sold with a low yeld cartridge.
Low yeld cartridge and high yeld cartridge use different reset gears and thit is how the printer knows if there is a low or high yield cartridge installed.

Each time a new toner cartridge is installed, the page count is reset to zero and the printer set the bias voltage to a high voltage.
As the cartridge is used, the bias voltage is reduced gradually down.
This process is necessary because a new Brother toner cartridge prints lighter than an used toner cartridge.
As the toner is used, the print density increases. So, to keep the density level even throughout the toner cartridge life, the density bias voltage in the printer is reduced accordingly.
This is why Brother uses different reset gears for different cartridges yeld, and because is unusefull put the too much toner in a low yeld cartridge.
For any question or suggestion leave a comment.

Test page:
Press "GO" Button with the front cover closed
the "READY" light on and a test page will print

Font page:
Press "GO" Button 2 times with the front cover closed and
the "READY" light on and a font pages will print.

Repetitive Defects:
OPC 94.2 mm
Upper fuser roller 78.5 mm
Lower fuser roller 78.5 mm
Developer roller 42.5 mm
Link Accessori srl
Via Beverara 224/7
40131 BOLOGNA (Italy)

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