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Using a Micropipette - University of Leicester

A short film showing how to use a Gilson Micropipette. The film was made to support the teaching of undergraduate Biological Science students at the University of Leicester.

The film was produced by GENIE, based within the Genetics Department at the University of Leicester. Further information and materials can be found on the GENIE web site http://www.le.ac.uk/genie and the GENIE VGEC web site http://www.le.ac.uk/vgec

The film was directed by Jon Shears of ITS-Multimedia Services and the film was produced by Raymond Dalgleish, Nicola Suter-Giorgini and Cas Kramer.

How to use a Micropipette

Basics of using a micropipette in a university laboratory setting.

How to Use a Micropipette

This video covers the basics of calibrating and using a micropipette.




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