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Extreme Spears: WWE Top 10

The masters of the Spear can unleash the devastating move at any time, even in non-traditional settings. Count down the 10 wildest Spears that truly took the battle to the extreme.
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JohnRayman YT : I did peter compa hahaha lol lmao
MOD MENU VIP : Brock lernar face
Kher Chandreshbhai : Spears is Lost And Rko is the best
4ever tech : 1:03 reigns just look through the barricade
Right bottom
Nazeer Ahmed : Yes
Soma Bhattacharjee : It was his Anger
Arky Stathan : 100% of the comments =Brocks screams like a hawk
INTAKE 7 7 7 : Brocks scream
Muhammed Faijan : Brock
srikant nayak : A like only for Reings spear

Who is the King of the Spear

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Who is the King of The Chokeslam?
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CHIRAG SOLANKI : Undoubtedly Legend Goldberg, he is the inventor of Spear
Tulsi Dey : Goldberg no one can beats his spear
Cenation Highlight : Only Goldberg
pAnDaxX xD lol ;D : Edge is perfect
Lennon Haythorne : The kings are edge,rhino,goldberg,roman
Suleman Shaik : Goldberg and Roman Reigns Spear king
Richa Srivastava : Thanks
David46n2 RevDeadlift : 10:34 The most iconic spear in WWE history
David46n2 RevDeadlift : EDGE no doubt
Jamyrick Lambert : I know he is not in here but big show is the king of spear

Roman Reigns - Spear Compilation 2018-2020(SD Feb. 14, 2020)

Roman Reigns

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 265 lbs.
From: Pensacola, Florida
Finisher Moves: Spear

Pls do not forget to turn on the notification bell. So you don't miss a new video clips
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Intro song "Written In Hellfire"
Mashup by "DALYXMAN"
Baron Clashing : Roman Reigns - Spear Compilation 2019 (Full Version)

Brian Nuthu : Please do a compilation of the brainbuster
Shyam Sabar : Roman reings super wwwe actor spear
omkar shirgaonkar : Goldberg's spear is more painful and powerful while Roman reigns's is more professional, safe for him as well as his opponents, and versatile.
simo BN simo : the best move in wwe eaw is spear
thepooch17 : Idk why people do not do a ddt to counter while being speered
KenGo Crxzy : 4:30 BEER he said beer instead of spear looooool
Loganayaki K : I spear my pillow every day
Chadrick Alford : Keith lee weighs 350 pounds and he getting flipped by a spear from Roman reigns
HellsDemise : goldbergs spear makes this dudes look like a kid playing rugby trying to tackle someone




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